The Teen’s ministry is targeted to minister to the people in the age group gap between the children and youth. It is open to young youths between the ages of 13 and 18 years, although for convenience at times, the ministry could be said to be for all young youths in the senior secondary school up till when they are absorbed into a higher institution (to the Youth Fellowship).

Our Goals & Visions

The goals/visions for the teen’s ministry which operates as an arm/extension of the children’s’ ministry is that teens:

  1. May be exposed to Holy scriptures which will make them wise for sal- vation (2Tim. 3:15)
  2. Be exposed to spiritual milk and meat so that they can grow up in sal vation (1 Peter 2:1) and understand the ‘kingdom life style’ and
  3. Be nurtured and taught to be strong and do exploits for the kingdom (Daniel 11:32)

These Goals are Fulfilled Through

  1. Weekly teen’s classes during Sunday worship services where teenagers are taught through talks, Bible studies, film shows, songs etc.
  2. Seminars on specialized topics as the occasion demands
  3. Annual children and teens camp in August (4 days) where teenager have their own special sessions like academic and career talks/seminars, health talks, crafts, games and sports etc.

Covenant Teens Activities

  1. Weekly Sunday classes with activities based on theme for the year which is ‘ a closer walk with God’…… Special emphasis on teenagers cultivating the habit of bible study and memorization
  2. Occasional extended seminars during holidays on topical issues: the teen and music (Easter holidays, last week in April), the teen and internet/other related technology (last week in August), worth the wait-sex related issues (December holidays)
  3. August Annual Teens Camping
  4. Bob-a-job to members houses to raise funds for new church building (early September)